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Prosperity 7 Venture Capital Team during their team retreat in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - planned and organized by Midstay
Use Case

Prosperity 7 ‘s Epic Beginning: First Team Retreat in KL

Founded during the difficult days of the COVID-19 outbreak back in 2020, Prosperity 7 Venture…
Tigerhall team during their team retreat in Phuket, Thailand, planned and organized by Midstay
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Tigerhall’s Exclusive and Tailored Team Retreat Getaway in Phuket

Tigerhall is a global SaaS company specializing in professional development platforms, with a dynamic and…
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Socomec’s Corporate Retreat Sparks Team Growth And Unit

SOCOMEC is a century-old family-owned industrial group operating in the control and safety of low-voltage…
Medic company retreat in Penang, Malaysia, powered by Midstay
Use Case
Medic’s Company Retreat: Bringing A Team of 90+ Across Borders
Testimonial from Bangkok Hero
Use Case
SoftwareONE Executive Summit: How Midstay Brought Leaders Together for Productivity and Collaboration
CEO and Team Midstay Retreat
Use Case
How Handprint’s Team Retreat in Bali Led to Increased Productivity and Employee Engagement