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Designed for remote workers that are feeling isolated and want to connect to new like-minded professionals close by. Midstay connects you to thousands of interesting people, wherever you are!

Based on your profile, Midstay connects you everyday to professionals around you

All members have a profile with their location, occupation, interests, lifestyle, and more. You are added everyday to new generated groups with the most interesting people, allowing you to meet like-minded individuals around you, grow your professional network, and make remote work less lonely.


Choose how to join

Freemium ($0 /m)

Connect with a limited batch of professionals

  • Profile Creation
  • Pin your location on map
  • Map discovery to meet peers
  • Assigned to 1 new group /week
  • Send max. 2 direct message /week

Premium ($19.99 /m)

Unlock the full potential and connect with unlimited peers

  • All in Freemium, plus:
  • Set Objectives in your profile
  • Assigned to 30+ new groups /week
  • Unlimited direct messages
  • AI engaging icebreaker
  • Video calls for first meetup
  • Connect your Pro Calendar to suggest IRL meeting time
  • Suggestion of places to meet at equal distance
  • Matching by closest distance
  • Optimized engine to meet the most relevant professionals

Connect with thousands of remote workers part of amazing companies

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