Visa to stay in Bali, Indonesia

$299 USD for up to 6 months

Regular Visa – $299 USD

  • 9-10 working days process
  • VISA valid for the first 2 months
  • Stay up to 6 months with an extension (not included)

Express Visa – $449 USD

  • 5 working days process
  • VISA valid for the first 2 months
  • Stay up to 6 months with an extension (not included)


managed online in a few clicks — no need to run after the agents anymore.

$189 USD every 2 months extension


5 years Digital Nomad Visa — Tax free

In the meantime... B211 Business visa is the one you need to visit Indonesia on a mid-term stay.
$299 USD — stay up to 6 months

Certified by the biggest legal agency in Bali.

We partnered directly with the most professional legal firm in the region to guarantee a smooth arrival

100+ nomads per month get their visa with us.

Special offer if you get your visa with us:
3 months of free access to the Midstay Remote Workers Ecosystem. (worth $59)


What you need to know

Visa purpose

Business observations, business meetings, and other related professional meetings. You are not permitted to work physically onsite with this visa.

Get it within 10 days

By starting the process now, you’ll get the E-Visa after 10 working days. This document will allow you to enter in Indonesia.

Free first 60 days

Included in the initial price to process the Visa, you receive the first 60 days from your arrival date for free.

Up to 180 days

Once inside the country, you will have the possibility to extend it 2 additional times (every 2 months) to be able to stay for a total of 6 months.


Don't only hear it from us


What do you need to provide?

Passport photo

ID and cover (2 pages)
Validity: 18 months at least

Complete Vaccine


Personal pictures

in colors

Address in Indonesia

If you don’t have one, we can provide during the process

Flights booking

Provide Arrival and Return tickets with clear dates

Statement letter to sign

Medical expenses & Health protocols. Download sample here.

“To be honest, I wasn't sure at the beginning to use Midstay as it was fully online... but actually, I got to speak by live chat with one of their team members, and they replied to all my questions. I will re-use it for sure and I hope they will open soon for other hubs.”

Josefin29 from Sweden

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