Health Insurance to work and travel anywhere

For only $42 USD /4 weeks

Travel medical insurance. Be worry-free traveling & working outside of your home country for only $42 USD /4 weeks.

Backed by major insurance partners.

We integrated directly with the most professional Insurance company in the world to guarantee a sweet journey.

220+ nomads per month get their insurance with us.

Our community understood the importance of being insured properly and enjoy life at its best.


What you need to know

Buy abroad, stay abroad.

You can sign up for our insurance even if your journey has already started.

Automatic monthly payments

From your chosen start date, your insurance automatically extends every 28 days until you pick an end date. Just like a subscription.

Visits to the home country are covered

After being abroad for 90 days, you keep your medical coverage for 30 days in your home country if something happens while there. (15 days if your home country is the U.S.)

Young children included

Up to 2 children under 10 per family (1 per adult) can be included on your insurance free of charge.


What does it include?


We cover you if you are suddenly in an accident or fall sick while you are outside your home country and need medical assistance.

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Unforeseen things can happen when you’re traveling. Includes coverage for travel delay, lost checked luggage, emergency response, natural disasters, and personal liability.

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Max Limit
$250,000 ($100,000 for 65 years and above)


Room and nursing services

Intensive care
Up to the overall maximum limit

Usual, reasonable, and customary charges when covered illness or injury result in hospitalization

Urgent charges
$50 co-payment, not subject to a deductible.

Physical therapy and chiropractic care
Up to $50 per day. Must be ordered in advance by a physician.

Emergency dental
Up to $1,000. Not subject to a deductible.

All Other Eligible Medical Expenses
Up to the overall maximum limit.

Notable exclusions

  • High-risk sports activity

  • Pre-existing disease or injury

  • Cancer treatment


Trip interruption
Up to $5,000. No deductible

Travel delay
Up to $100 a day after a 12-hour delay period requiring an unplanned overnight stay. Subject to a maximum of 2 days. No deductible

Lost checked luggage*
Up to $3,000 per certificate period; $500 per item. Up to $6,000 lifetime limit. No deductible.

Natural disaster — a new place to stay
Up to $100 a day for 5 days. No deductible

Political evacuation
Up to $10,000 lifetime maximum. Not subject to deductible

Emergency medical evacuation
Up to $100,000 lifetime maximum. Not subject to deductible or overall maximum limit.

Personal liability
Lifetime maximum: $25,000 (max limit)
Third-person injury: $25,000 (max limit)
Third-person property: $25,000 (max limit)
Related third person property: $2,500 (max limit)
*Not subject to deductible or overall maximum limit

Accidental death & dismemberment (AD&D)
Loss of 1 Limb: $12,500
Loss of 2 limbs: $25,000
Lifetime maximum: $25,000
Death: $25,000

*$250,000 maximum benefit any one family or group. Not subject to deductible or overall maximum limit

“I got severely sick in Bali when I got Measles in combination with Pneumonia. My health situation got so serious that I had to get hospitalized. Luckily my wife signed us up for this Travel Medical Insurance, before our trip. This was definitely a lifesaver considering the circumstances.”

Filipe36 from Spain

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