Bring your employees to dreamy locations. On their own, or as a team.

Midstay streamlines the process of organizing work-from-abroad experiences. Covering every aspect of the trip, making it an easy task.
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Tailor-made solutions for Remote Teams

Team Retreats


Company Offsites

Corporate Events


Give your employees the opportunity to work from Bali, for a short team offsite or a longer remote work experience.

Midstay is a Remote working expert. We plan and arrange every aspect of the trip: pre-travel planning, booking process, and on-site assistance to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Benefits of Midstay

For Companies

  • Attract talents
  • Increase employee retention
  • Boost company culture & loyalty
  • Increase company performances
  • Happier & healthier employees

For Employees

  • Better work-life balance
  • Less stress
  • Personal development
  • More productive
  • More leisure time

Gather team members together or offer them an individual perk

Team Retreat

Starts from $399 USD /person

Bring employees together abroad for team gatherings, retreats, off-sites, social and business events. Tailor-made solution in one of our 200+ curated villas, ready to work from Bali.

Send Employees Abroad

Starts from $49 USD /month

Offer to your employees a work from abroad experience with all lifestyle benefits of Bali. Access to our platform of certified services to relocate, work and thrive.

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Mathias, CEO of Handprint

"It's a no-brainer if you are remote-first and looking to improve your company culture."

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The pandemic gives you an unbelievable opportunity to reshape your culture. It’s rare in a leader’s lifetime to have such a clean drop for reshaping how you run the place.