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Do you have a remote job that allows you to work and travel?

Does the place you settle in make you feel at home?air max 270 women borsa prima classe smith and soul jock strap dallas cowboys slippers mens luvme human hair wigs yeezy shoes under 1000 two people fishing kayak two people fishing kayak custom maple leafs jersey yeezy boost 350 v2 hyperspace johnny manziel jersey durex intense vibrations ring penn state jersey yeezy shoes under 1000

Choosing an accommodation isn’t just about picking a physical building that provides you a shelter but also about choosing the comfort zone where you’ll spend most of your time and a fortress for you to escape from your hectic routine.

It’s important that this place should make you feel comfortable and increase your life quality.

4 basic factors to consider when choosing accommodation

1. A stable and healthy base

The housing environment has an impact on our physical health. For example, a warm and dry home can enhance your overall health and reduce respiratory problems. Additionally, homes have a significant impact on mental health and well-being – giving you more serenity and reducing stress.

2. The place provides all the household needs

When the place has complete amenities and rooms that you can customize, it gives you the flexibility to do anything you want. You can organize your place to support your productivity.

3. You feel safe in it

There is no other place where you can relax and be yourself except your home. Furthermore, good accommodation can be the best source of inspiration and creative ideas.

4. Connected to the community

The environment should allow you to know and engage with the community around you and gives you the opportunity to learn the local culture. It is related to the popular “slow travel” movement ( read more about it here.)

5 types of accommodations in Bali

1. Villa


A villa is a building with an outdoor patio and a front garden or terrace. They can be as a single building in a private territory, can be attached to a nearby villa, or has at least one shared wall.

Common villas in Bali have big pools, gardens, farmlands, and other structures surrounding them. 

The good thing about living in a villa is that you can have ultimate possession of freedom to set everything.

You can organize your room to become a remote work base that is suitable for your needs. It can be the best option, especially for people who need to focus on work.

Villa is a good choice if you want to live together with others in it for less budget. Check out Midstay’s home pooling featureto find like-minded roommates who can bring a valuable experience.

Villa checklist:

  • Outdoor pool
  • Easy access to public facilities and shops
  • Complete amenities and fully furnished
  • High internet speed
  • Beautiful landscapes around

Price range: US$ 1300 – US$ 5000 per month (depending on the area and number of bedrooms)

2. Single Room

Single Room

If you have a limited budget, this will suit you.

A single room is a furnished room with a bed, chair, and sometimes a tiny desk. You will live in a multi-tenant building where you may share a kitchen, toilets, or bathrooms. Anyway, a single room is way more comfortable than living in a dorm.

Single room checklist:

  • Easy access to go anywhere
  • Reasonable price for the area
  • Proper amenities in communal areas
  • Pet rule considerations
  • Fully furnished

Price range: US$ 600 – US$ 900 per month (depending on the area)

3. Hotel


Hotels are generally for a short duration of stay.

They frequently offer additional services, such as restaurants, bars, swimming pools, healthcare, and retail stores, as well as business facilities such as conference halls, boardrooms, and banquet halls, with the space for private parties such as birthdays, marriages, etc.

However, it’s almost unlikely to meet and connect with like-minded remote workers due to the hotel’s exclusivity and its visitor profile which mostly consists of tourists.

Hotel checklist:

  • Focus on hotels that are centrally located, so you can access public facilities easily and move around freely.
  • Keep your eye out for special offers and discount packages such as breakfast inclusion.
  • Choose a room where the windows face outwards onto a beautiful view.
  • Find one with online booking to make it quick and easy

Price range: US$ 900 – US$ 2100 per month (3 stars hotel)

4. Guest house

Guest House

A guest house (sometimes called simple lodging or B&B–bed and breakfast) is a private building that offers a single room to guests. Unlike hotels, a guesthouse is keeping its service minimum. It has shared or private rooms, toilets, and bathrooms, mostly with amenities provided, and a lower price.

Guest house checklist:

  • The location should be quite central to enjoy the surrounding areas.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Equipped with amenities such as AC, WiFi, hot water, TV, etc. 

Price range: around US$ 150 – US$ 420 per month

5. Coliving space

Coliving space

Coliving lately gained popularity due to the growth of housing start-ups that provide affordable housing shared by five or more roommates. These coliving spaces vary in shape, ranging from single-family homes to high-rise buildings.

Coliving housing frequently includes short-term or flexible leases, as well as perks like cleaning services, furnished communal areas, turnkey amenities, and utilities. 

Coliving is a good option for those relocating for a new job, studying for a degree, young professionals, or interns.

Coliving space checklist:

  • Find out how much of a private space is your own and be prepared to respect the space that you share with others.
  • Central location, allowing you to access public facilities easily.
  • near co-working spaces.
  • Good WiFi connection and entertainment areas.
  • Make sure to find a coliving space with a strong community that can immerse you in a positive way

Price range: around US$ 600 – US$ 1200 per month

Pro Tips: Create your own micro-coliving with like-minded remote workers using.Midstay’s homepooling feature.

6. Loft


A loft is an open-concept industrial space that has been transformed into a living space or residential apartment. 

They mostly have high ceilings and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Many people consider the wall-less area in a loft apartment as the perfect way to showcase the office atmosphere.

It feels spacious and can suit your work setting preferences easily.

Loft checklist:

  • It has an open space and high ceilings
  • It has the style you want, either modern or industrial-style
  • It has the proper remote workers’ amenities
  • Check if there are any wardrobes, trunks, or custom-built closets to create the storage you need.

Price range: around US$ 800 – US$ 2000 per month

7. Bungalow


Bungalows or bungalow-style houses are typically one-floor buildings.

They have a sloping roof and usually come with a small front porch or veranda, and yard.

The good thing about bungalows is their simplicity.

It is easy to enjoy as you do not have multiple levels to keep clean, staircases to vacuum, or too many bathrooms to scrub. Instead, you have a single-level home with everything you need to live comfortably without adding any burden.

Bungalow checklist:

  • Ease access and mobility that allows everyone to access the entire living area easily and comfortably.
  • Easy cleaning access.
  • It has an open-plan design that can create more space.
  • It has enough privacy,
  • Always check the best price within your budget

Price range: around US$ 600 – US$ 1500 per month

Time to consider

How well prepared are you for your next work-from-abroad experience?

Check out Midstay’s home pooling feature where you can find and share your place with other like-minded remote workers. Meet communities and surrounding lifestyle facilities that will enrich your story in Bali.


To make sure you’re compliant and feel safe while abroad, you can apply for a visa, get insurance, and connect with your type of people through Midstay, hassle-free.

We keep building Midstay to ensure that you will get the perfect and affordable nomad life abroad. As we illustrate, having a suitable lifestyle can flourish your journey and increase your daily productivity.

Join Midstay for free and change the way you work.

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