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Tigerhall is a global SaaS company specializing in professional development platforms, with a dynamic and big team of over 100+ people from all around the world. Their team, described by their HR representative as “lots of amazing fun people with unique qualities,” makes for a lively and energetic team. Despite their geographical diversity, they want to unite their team in one place for a purely leisure-focused team retreat experience.

Team bonding
32 people
4 nights

Tigerhall team during their team  retreat in Phuket, Thailand - planned and organized by Midstay

The team wanted a change of scenery to bring them closer together and have some fun. They didn’t want to deal with any work-related tasks—they just wanted a chance to relax and enjoy themselves, while keeping the budget as affordable and low as possible.

Tailor-made team retreat packages

We believe that every retreat should be as unique and personalized as the team it accommodates. That’s why Midstay has been devoted to providing tailored retreat packages that give plenty of flexibility. We carefully plan every retreat to match your requests and wishes exactly.

Midstay provides tailored team retreat packages, matching your business unique needs and goals

Regardless of whether it is a leisure team retreat or a work-intensive event, we’re right there, diligently collaborating with you to understand what you’re opting for.

We understand—every team is unique. That’s why we provide many options, allowing you to quickly adjust the retreat to satisfy any new requests and changes. Whether it is a new schedule, activities, or ensuring all the special requests are met, we guarantee that each retreat will be a memorable one for your team.

Phuket Paradise

Phuket, Thailand, is the ideal location for a team getaway, offering everything a big group can desire. Visualize clean beaches for relaxation and team building, stimulating activities like snorkeling and hiking for adrenaline junkies, and cultural aspects such as temple visits and local marketplaces. Luxury resorts with first-class facilities become the ideal places where your team can go hard at work and play hard in a breathtaking environment. Phuket undoubtedly has all it takes for the best team experience ever.

One of the best locations for team retreat: Phuket, Thailand

The surprise fun boat trip

One of the highlights of the retreat was a surprise boat trip. All of the team members were unaware that their CEO and Midstay planned it for them! It was a fun surprise that added some excitement to the retreat.

The team had a lot of fun during this trip. Midstay provided professional photographers to capture and celebrate these fun moments, the CEO held a brief speech appreciating the team for their dedication and collaboration so far. They stopped at different islands to explore, and there were toys and a waterslide to play with. Various snacks and drinks were provided on the boat to keep everyone happy.  The team had a great time. They loved the boat trip and thought it was a fantastic idea.

The everlasting team retreat impact: Boosted team energy and bonding

The pause from work positively affected everyone feeling refreshed and willing to return to work again with more energy. The peaceful atmosphere of the retreat enabled the team to collaborate and communicate more effectively with each other when they returned to work.

Even though they were coming from opposite ends of the world, their harmonization in the same place brought them together as closer and more related. The team had a blast and they will always remember these memories!

Consequently, the retreat proves that it is a top priority for the Tigerhall team to stay together and relax even when things get very busy at work.

Thinking about planning a team retreat?

Seems like a big deal, but never do it alone while planning a retreat!

Needless to say, Midstay will take care of your upcoming team retreat at every stage of the journey. From arranging the schedules and budgets together to finding a venue and planning activities, we do all the work.

With Midstay you can just sit back and relax since all is taken care of, so you can focus on what matters the most: your team!

Start planning for your next Team Retreat!

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