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In today’s globalized world, companies with offices and teams spread across different countries face unique challenges. Communication breakdowns cultural differences, and lack of bonding can all lead to decreased productivity and ultimately, negatively impact the company’s bottom line.

SoftwareONE, a global (publicly listed) software company headquartered in Switzerland, has faced challenges in strengthening communication and collaboration among its executives spread across eight countries in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. 

In the last few months, the company has noticed a decrease in productivity and repeated communication breakdowns. To address these issues, SoftwareONE needed a partner to help gather its APAC executives, allow them to connect, and provide a blend of learning, working, and team-bonding activities.

Executive summit
12 people
4 nights

That’s where Midstay came in. Midstay helps you plan and organize corporate retreats, enabling teams to come together, and setting up the perfect team summit to strengthen communication, bonds, and management techniques while also boosting productivity.

Curated Hotel for the Executive Summit

Midstay suggested one of its corporate hotel partners in Bangkok, a venue perfectly located near the office, to host the executive summit. The hotel provided a comfortable and luxurious stay, equipped with meeting rooms, event spaces, and amenities. 

Midstay also provided concierge services, a driver, and a private chef on-demand to ensure a seamless and enjoyable stay for the executives.

Strategic Workshops and Team-building Activities

Midstay provided a workshop facilitator to deliver an external leadership workshop, which SoftwareONE opted for. The speaker helped the executives gain a new perspective on how to lead and increase their multicultural understanding. 

Midstay has curated more than 50 experts and workshop facilitators who can jump in for any team retreat. Choosing the right profile based on the team retreat goals and the company’s objectives is essential to achieving success.

Midstay also suggested team lunches and cultural excursions to foster team bonding and collaboration. The team lunches allowed the executives to network and discuss their experiences, while the cultural excursions allowed them to explore the beauty and hospitality of the city.

The Itinerary

The itinerary for SoftwareOne’s executive summit in Bangkok was carefully curated to strike a balance between team bonding, learning, and fun.

This is a short summary of the schedule. 

SoftwareONE team retreat tailored itinerary

Tailored Packages 

Midstay’s packages can be tailor-made to fit the company’s objectives and budget. The prices are in USD, and the price of activities is an average that can vary based on the type of activity. Midstay can also provide concierge services, a driver, and a private chef on-demand.

Success of the Executive Summit

The executive summit was a resounding success, resulting in an average 20% increase in engagement throughout the APAC branches, according to SoftwareONE’s internal engagement metric. 

The executives no longer experience communication breakdowns between branches, and meeting times have been reduced due to effective communication. All APAC executives reported that collaboration has become easier thanks to the relationships created during the summit.

The retreat has become a convincing argument to keep SoftwareONE’s talent in-house and as an incentive to climb the ladder. Bringing leaders together to collaborate and rework their management techniques allowed each individual to broaden their skills while strengthening the bonds within the executive team.


The SoftwareONE executive summit organized by Midstay in Bangkok proved to be a valuable investment in strengthening communication, collaboration, and productivity

With its tailored packages and strategic workshops, team-building activities, and cultural excursions, Midstay helped SoftwareONE’s executives come together, regroup, and focus on their common goals while also enjoying the beauty and hospitality of the city.

The newfound trust and tools gained during the summit have equipped the executives to tackle the challenges ahead and lead the company to even greater success.

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Nadia is a Project Manager at Midstay with a strong background in travel and event coordination. Her career began in a surf and travel company, igniting a passion for organizing impactful travel experiences. At Midstay, she expertly combines her love for adventure with her organizational skills to ensure memorable and smooth journeys. Nadia also enriches the Midstay community by writing articles about her group travel experiences, sharing insights and fostering a deeper appreciation for global cultures.

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