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SOCOMEC is a century-old family-owned industrial group operating in the control and safety of low-voltage electrical networks, serving its clients’ energy performance. With over 4,200 experts spread across the globe in 30 different subsidiaries.

Bringing More Than A Hundred Experts Together

It’s a real challenge to gather its experts and partners from Asia Pacific, Southeast Asia, and Europe.

Socomec’s executive assistant has trusted Midstay to plan, organize, and optimize the retreat, managing the presence of a large number of people at the same place and time.

Our mission was to ensure the best value and experience for the Socomec team.

The week-long retreat had four different business events, bringing together Socomec’s executives, managers, and partners which presented its own set of challenges. However, we successfully managed to deliver the success they were looking for. With 117 people flying in from various corners of the globe, Midstay’s role wasn’t just to seamlessly manage their arrivals and departures for a week, but also to make sure everyone felt happy and comfortable and to meet all their needs.

To make this retreat a success, Midstay designed a corporate retreat alternating enriching conference sessions, informative workshops, engaging team-building activities, and a glamorous gala dinner including an awards ceremony. The main goal of this retreat for Socomec was to come together to strengthen bonds and show their partners how important they are.

Work & bond
112 people
6 nights

Socomec team gathering during the corporate retreat in Phuket

An Optimal Venue Selection: Coastal Luxury and Natural Beauty

Midstay chose to organize this corporate retreat at one of Midstay’s hotel partners, the JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa, nestled on the beautiful Mai Khao Beach in Phuket. With its luxurious accommodations, multiple facilities, and panoramic ocean views, this hotel offers the perfect environment to inspire, recharge, and reconnect with your team.

Not only does Phuket offer a unique blend of natural beauty and favorable climate, but its developed infrastructure makes it a real asset. Its easy accessibility via its nearby international airport connecting various major destinations also makes it an attractive choice for organizing corporate retreats.

Best corporate retreat location in Phuket, a coastal luxury and natural beauty
Fine Food Selection for Corporate Retreat in Phuket
Buffet and assortment for corporate retreat in Phuket
idyllic setting of Socomec corporate retreat dinner on the beach

In our retreats, culinary excellence always takes an important stage. Midstay made sure to deliver a wide range of culinary experiences for the Socomec team. Participants could taste the exquisite delights of a gourmet Italian restaurant, local and tasty dishes in a Thai restaurant, and a wide choice of an assortment of aperitifs during the meeting breaks, followed by a glamorous gala menu and dinner nights with impressive buffets offering an eclectic mix of meats, seafood, international specialties, and divine desserts created by a renowned pastry chef.

We also strive to choose exceptional venues for our dinners with sumptuous restaurants, adorned with warm and refined decoration, transforming each evening into a memorable event. We set up an idyllic setting of a dinner on the beach, with an open buffet, offering an incomparable dining experience to the sound of the waves and under the stars.

Crafting Dynamic Team Building Activities

Due to the diversity of the groups present, Midstay ensured a seamless coordination of each group’s activities. Meetings, workshops, and team-building moments were integrated in varied and dynamic ways throughout the retreat.

Here is a summary of the retreat activities:

Midstay designs and tailors your corporate retreat activities to match with your business goals and agenda

The Outdoors Olympics, based around entertaining games and interactive exercises organized during the beach team-building sessions, allowed participants from different countries to form real bonds and team spirit outside of conference sessions and professional workshops. Achieving this with a group of 93 and 53 people respectively represented a real challenge that was brilliantly met by our dynamic activity organizing teams.

Midstay ensured collaboration with dynamic and motivated teams, resulting in vibrant and stimulating activities, ensuring that each participant leaves with a smile.

Socomec team which wins at team bonding activities during their corporate retreat
team bonding activities during corporate retreat
Outdoors Olympics games during corporate retreat

Midstay Retreat Success: Strengthened Team Bonding and Inspiring Innovation

At every moment, we could feel the strength of the bonds that unite them and the vast potential that they all share. The retreat was filled with contagious energy and enthusiasm, and they expressed their deep gratitude to each of their partners whose unwavering commitment contributed to collective success.

During this retreat, people were able to create stimulating conversations, generate fresh ideas, and connect with each other, thereby fostering a sense of motivation to pursue the company’s goals for growth and excellence.

Socomec team cheering for success of the company at the Gala Dinner during their corporate retreat

Socomec’s Week Retreat: Uniting Team Bonding with Corporate Events

This busy week for Socomec in Phuket successfully alternated the SEAP (South East Asia Pacific) Forum for partners, regional leadership meetings, and the SEED (Socomec Executive Enrichment & Development​​) talent program while forging strong bonds.

This unique moment allowed them to celebrate shared successes and strengthen Socomec’s culture of cohesion. The meetings and workshops of the week fostered new perspectives and ideas, enriching short- and long-term strategic plans and paving the way for Socomec’s sustained business growth in the APAC region.

This retreat sparked meaningful conversations, innovative ideas, and new connections to move forward on a journey of growth and excellence.

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