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Imagine bustling Singapore, where innovation thrives alongside a diverse culture. That’s where you’ll find Quadrant, a tech company on the cutting edge, with 60+ passionate professionals, specializing in gathering precise location data and ensuring compliance.

The team consists of individuals from various ethnicities, including Indonesians, Singaporeans, Indians, Americans, and many more. The company thrives on the richness of cultural exchange within its walls. This diversity not only fuels creativity but also shows that Quadrant is an inclusive and collaborative company.

60+ people
3 nights

Quadrant team visiting Uluwatu temple during their celebration team retreat in Bali, powered by Midstay

Recently, the team had accomplished one of their goals and they concluded that it was about time to have some fun for a change! As they brainstormed ways to celebrate it, they decided it should be more than just a party, but also a way to strengthen their team bonding, making the team feel they belong to something great.

Setting up the stage

The Quadrant team had done their internal research and planning for this celebration event,  At some point, they realized they needed extra expertise to make it happen, and that’s when their CEO reached out to Midstay and we started collaborating on realizing their dream retreat!

Quadrant articulated their vision for an experience that was as fun and vibrant as it was meaningful. From casual dress codes to including family members, every detail was carefully considered to ensure maximum participation and enjoyment.

Quadrant team having team-building activities during their celebration team retreat in Bali, powered by Midstay

Midstay took care of the logistical arrangements, including venue selection, flights, room accommodations, transportation (shuttle), etc, which were thoughtfully managed to accommodate the diverse needs of Quadrant’s workforce and their loved ones. The stage was set for an immersive retreat experience that would celebrate success while fostering deeper connections among team members.

Bali, the tropical jewel for your team retreat

Bali, tropical destination for your team retreat by Midstay

This beautiful island was selected for Quadrant’s team retreat because it offers the best scenic view, fun activities, and a rich experience. Bali’s geographical site is charming. Apart from the facts that it has many beautiful sceneries, it also has unique culture and traditions which gives the opportunity to feel Indonesia’s historical and cultural richness and be on the same wavelength.

Bali is also a one-stop shopping center for lovers of adrenalin-rushing activities. Rarely bored, guests of the island can enjoy such entertaining activities as surfing and snorkeling in the clear water, as well as hiking to the nearby waterfalls that are completely off the tourist track or discovering picturesque villages. Besides, it is easier than ever now to get to Bali as there are flights that directly connect Bali to other major world cities.

Curated venue for your team retreat: Merusaka hotel

Midstay suggested one of its network of hotel partners, Merusaka Hotel, which offers an exceptional setting that combines luxury with local charm. Each room at Merusaka Hotel is spacious and beautifully designed, blending modern contemporary elements with traditional Balinese aesthetics. This unique design captures the essence of the Seven Balinese Goddesses, giving each room its distinct character.

Located on a higher level of each puri (traditional Balinese structure), the rooms at Merusaka Hotel provide stunning views and a sense of tranquility. Each room has everything that one might need during the stay, including comfortable bedding for a lone guest or a couple. It is possible for guests to experience all the amenities of the new world on the island that represents the ancient Balinese culture. Merusaka Hotel offers an ideal retreat setting where relaxation and inspiration go hand in hand.

Merusaka Hotel, curated venue for Quadrant’s team retreat in Bali, powered by Midstay

Exceptional services for a seamless experience

Midstay ensures every detail is flawlessly managed. From arranging concierges to assisting with personalized requests and organizing shuttle services for smooth transportation, every detail is meticulously handled. During the retreat, our dedicated team is on hand to ensure a stress-free experience for all participants.

Our dedicated concierge will be there during your team retreat, ensuring your activities are executed smoothly

Culinary delights

Food is a highlight of every retreat, with the Merusaka Hotel offering a variety of culinary delights. Guests can savor local Balinese dishes as well as international cuisine, prepared by expert chefs. Besides, Midstay introduced other high-quality restaurants in Bali where the retreat participants get to meet and taste other proposals of the island’s culinary offers. Beach BBQ and other themed dinner events were organized to make the retreat even more memorable.

Team Retreat Itinerary

Quadrant’s recent retreat in Bali was a perfect blend of celebration and team-building. The itinerary included both relaxation and adventure, aimed at enhancing team connection and synergy. 

Day 1: Arrival and Welcome Dinner

The team arrived throughout the morning and early afternoon. Midstay’s provided shuttle guided took them to check-in at the luxurious Merusaka Hotel. The evening featured a welcome BBQ dinner at Jimbaran Beach, allowing team members to unwind and set the tone for the retreat positively.

Day 2: Adventure in Ubud

The day started with a team breakfast, followed by adrenaline cycling tour and rafting in Ubud until lunch time. The day was then ended with a fun dinner at Kekeb Restaurant, where the team got to enjoy live music in the restaurant and even sing along.

Quadrant team having team-building activities during their team retreat in Bali, powered by Midstay

Day 3: Team-building activities

Team started their day with a morning yoga session, set a peaceful tone, leading into a series of team-building activities. Following lunch and some leisurely time, the team went sightseeing at Uluwatu Temple and had a splendid White Party at Blue Point featuring a Traditional Balinese Kecak dance.

Day 4: Last day of the retreat!

The team had a relaxed breakfast and free time before checking out and heading to the airport.

This type of relaxing retreat allowed the Quadrant team members to develop closer relationships, have a bonding and fun time, and create timeless memories in this vibrant environment.

Retreat well spent, milestones well celebrated

This team retreat had a big impact on everyone involved. The team and their families shared how much they appreciated the chance to bond outside of work. They felt closer to their teammates, especially those from different cultural backgrounds, making it easier for them to share ideas and even to be on the same page when they returned to work.

It was what Quadrant wanted, this retreat also inspired the morale and made everyone more united. Leaders at Quadrant admitted that the retreat had a positive impact on how the team worked together and performed.

This proved why it’s important for teams to have a bonding time other than working together to foster a strong and engaged workforce. Quadrant will continue to build on what they have learned during the retreat to ensure that collaboration and teamwork will always remain at the core.

Feeling like your team’s not quite clicking?

Struggling to keep your team engaged?

When your team members aren’t in harmony, operations become a drag and work becomes less exciting.

Consider having a team retreat! It’s about bringing your team closer together, whether you’re celebrating, bonding, or just taking a break. Midstay tailors and designs your team retreat to fit what your company needs, making sure every activity helps build trust, teamwork, and excitement.

Plus, we handle all the details – planning, budgeting, accommodation, securing deals, transportation, catering, you name it – so you can focus on what matters most: your team. 

Say goodbye to team troubles and hello to a group that’s ready to take on anything. 

Click below to watch the video and see how we celebrated success and built stronger bonds through the team retreat:

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