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Founded during the difficult days of the COVID-19 outbreak back in 2020, Prosperity 7 Venture Capital grew rapidly all over the world. The company has teams in China, the US, and Saudi Arabia, and scaling up. They have been working remotely for years, however many team members had never met face-to-face. The team retreat in Kuala Lumpur was their very first opportunity to finally come together, get acquainted, and collaborate.

Team bonding
Kuala Lumpur
22 people
3 days

Prosperity 7 Venture Capital team, after their workshop session during their team retreat in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The decision to organize this team retreat went beyond just taking a break; it was driven by something deeper. As the company grows rapidly, the leaders recognize the importance of preparing the team for what lies ahead. Although the team retreat was intended to discuss future strategies, it’s also important to use it as an opportunity to boost their team spirit and unity. With this in mind, the retreat goes beyond relaxation; it also sets the foundation for their path toward prosperity, just like its name!

First team retreat? Midstay got you!

Since this retreat will be their first time, Prosperity 7’s Chief Operation Officer reached out to Midstay for help. Appreciating the importance of a properly designed and customized journey, they entrusted us with the role of realizing their dream.

Thanks to our experiences planning successful team retreats, we worked in concert with our clients to design an agenda that would facilitate teamwork, creative expression, and collaboration. From running logistics to planning team-building activities, Midstay made sure that all details were attended to, leaving our clients to focus on strengthening their work relationships and making meaningful connections.

Kuala Lumpur: Ideal location for first team retreat

Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, is a perfect location to organize your first team retreat. It’s a city built of a perfect combination of modern and traditional where anyone belongs. With its top hotels and social facilities at hand, retreats can be both organized and participated in with ease.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, ideal location for your first team retreat

Yet, although urban, the city also offers tranquil green spaces where you can soothe your soul. The convenient transport system and well-functioning international airport make getting around simple. To summarize, Kuala Lumpur offers everything from adventure and connection to fun during your first team retreat; this is a place where these three are combined.

For your first upcoming retreat, check out this guide for choosing your team retreat location.

A curated venue like no other, ensuring a fabulous stay during your team retreat

Midstay curates the perfect venue that fits your retreat goals and budget. For this retreat, we suggested one of our hotel partners, the JW Marriott Hotel Kuala Lumpur, which is a landmark in itself. Sited in the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur, this luxurious hotel provides 738 rooms that are fitted with everything needed for comfort and peace of mind including meeting spaces, restaurants, and a pool.

Additionally, Midstay provided concierge services, shuttle transportation, and photographers at hand to ensure that the team was well looked after and had an amazing stay.

Midstay carefully curates your team retreat venue to match your business needs and goals.

Empowering workshop by industry experts

During the retreat, the team attended a workshop, led by industry experts. One focused on boosting employee engagement led by one of our best Business Speakers Partners in Asia, while others tackled internal issues and future plans. These workshops were interactive and practical, giving team members useful tools to improve teamwork and productivity.

Organizing these sessions is a great investment for the team’s development. They give invaluable skills and unique perspectives on how teams work and accomplish tasks. Through Midstay’s customized workshops, you can equip your team to thrive in the current fast-competitive environment.

Bonding beyond business, building meaningful and genuine connections

Shifting from the serious business talks, in between, the team also had some free time dedicated to getting to know each other and having fun. They had a great team bonding time at the sunset cocktails where they sat down, admired the wonderful city views, and enjoyed a few drinks. It was a good opportunity for the team to talk and strengthen their friendships.

Prosperity 7 Venture Capital team, having fun at their sunset cocktails, during their team retreat in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The cooking class MasterChef Challenge was another enjoyable activity. The team split into groups, headed to the kitchen, and tried their hands at cooking some delicious dishes. There was a lot of laughter and team spirit as they planned and prepared their tasty creations.

Prosperity 7 Venture Capital team, having fun with cooking class during their team retreat in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Next up, they went on a cultural walk around the city, visiting impressive attractions and learning about Kuala Lumpur‘s history and society. This was a cool way for them to get a feel of the city and build team bonding.

These leisure times were not only for unwinding but also for connecting and making cherished memories. The fact that they combined work with city excursions made their retreat even more enjoyable and brought them together as a group.

Getting ready for what’s next

The 3-day retreat had a big effect on the team, fitting right into their goal of gearing up for new challenges and company growth. Finally meeting face-to-face helped them form stronger bonds and connect on a personal level, something they couldn’t do online.

The fun activities like sunset cocktails, cooking challenges, and exploring the city brought them closer together. It was all about getting to know each other better and building trust.

The workshops and work sessions focused on important stuff like keeping employees engaged and sorting out internal issues. They learned a lot and got some solid strategies to tackle whatever’s coming next.

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