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Bringing 90+ people from 14 countries together for a company retreat, what does it look like?

Medic is a global health-tech company, with 90+ employees across 14 countries and all time zones. Their company focuses on building and applying open-source digital tools that help health workers deliver just, quality care to their neighbors and community.

Despite being used to working remotely (even before the pandemic) and occasional offline meet-ups in their operation hubs, they missed seeing each other face-to-face. It had been four years since their last gathering because of the pandemic, and they realized the importance of reconnecting again.

Reviving the company’s spirit through a company retreat

Having gone through leadership changes, Medic noticed a decrease in employee retention, and even the new hires weren’t sticking around for long. The leaders realized they needed to do something to bring back the company’s spirit. That’s when they decided to organize this company retreat—it wasn’t just about hanging out, but also rediscovering what made them a great team.

Work & play
92 people
6 nights

Medic team gathering during their company retreat in Penang, Malaysia

With 90+ team members spread around the world, planning a company retreat felt like a huge challenge for Medic. They were in the busiest time of the year, all caught up in their respective projects, making it tough to coordinate logistics, schedules, and preferences.

The Director of People at Medic reached out to Midstay and trusted us to plan and organize their company retreat. With Midstay’s expertise, Medic has saved 240+ hours of planning and organizing, from selecting venues, managing flights, scheduling, and securing the best deals. They felt much more confident about bringing their team together.

Tailored company retreat packages

Midstay didn’t just take care of the logistics like booking flights and hotels. We also helped Medic plan activities that would bring the team closer together. Everything was designed to help the team communicate better and feel more connected. It was more about crafting a real narrative and an experience that would stick with everyone long after the retreat was over.

Penang, Malaysia: Ideal location for Medic’s company retreat

Tucked away on Malaysia’s northwest coast, Penang is the perfect spot for Medic’s team getaway. It’s famous for its mix of cultures, awesome food, and beautiful scenery, making it just right for bringing everyone together. 

Besides the city life, it has some stunning natural spots such as beaches and rainforests. Even though the city has a laid-back vibe, it has modern conveniences perfectly suited for bringing professionals together in a company retreat. You can find awesome resorts for relaxing, and top-notch conference venues for work purposes.

Penang : Perfect company retreat location, a balanced mix between nature and modern city

Curated venue for company retreat

Midstay suggested one of its hotel partners, Shangri-La Golden Sands, in Penang, Malaysia. It’s a four-star hotel located along Batu Feringgi Beach. The hotel provided a comfortable and luxurious choice of rooms, equipped with meeting rooms, event spaces, and amenities. 

Midstay also provided concierge services, exclusive shuttle transportation, and photographers to ensure a seamless and enjoyable stay for the team members.

Curated venue for Medic's company retreat in Penang, Malaysia

Strategic business agendas and team-building activities

For 6 days, the team had fun engaging in various activities. They ran their business/work agendas, team-building activities, shared meals, cultural excursions around Penang, and had a lot of heart-to-heart chats. 

The whole itinerary designed by Midstay was a perfect balance between getting on top of their business goals and strengthening their team bondings at the same time. 

Here’s a summary of the retreat itinerary:

Midstay designs and tailors your company retreat activities to match with your business goals and agenda

Moving forward together

As the retreat wrapped up, its effects lingered on. The team members returned home feeling recharged and closer than ever. They were all set to handle whatever obstacles came up, knowing they had each other’s support. The retreat wasn’t just a one-time deal—it marked the beginning of a better future for Medic.

With the retreat behind them, Medic looks ahead with optimism. They became stronger and more united than before, thanks to the bonds they formed during those few days together.

Watch how it went below:

Don’t just dream it, retreat it!

Planning a company retreat can be quite overwhelming. You’ll need to invest time and resources in managing logistics, budgeting, scheduling, finding the right activities, and ensuring everyone has a good time.

That’s where Midstay helps! We handle everything from customized activity planning and engaging icebreakers to venue selection and logistics, ensuring your team has an experience they’ll truly remember.

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