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TLDV, a dynamic startup based in Germany provides an AI-powered productivity tool that makes meetings more focused and efficient. Their innovative software makes it possible for teams to catch up on important meetings easily, so they can save time and everyone can be informed. Besides, it enables recording remote meetings and marks critical points with this product.

Team bonding
17 people
7 days

TLDV team members having lunch together during their team retreat in Marbella, Spain powered by Midstay

The company values the importance of work-life balance, as it offers flexibility for their employees to work from anywhere in the world. Although their employees are spread in different parts of Europe, New Zealand, and Brazil, they realize the importance of face-to-face meetings in creating a strong company culture. To accomplish this, they set up annual team retreats and gatherings for their employees.

Setting up the stage, planning the retreat

TLDV’s Chief Operation Officer reached out to Midstay to help them plan and organize their team retreat. The primary goal of this retreat was to strengthen the team bonding among their employees. They believe that having good interpersonal relationships and teamwork is very much important, as it can make the team more cooperative, collaborative, and the whole work environment becomes more unified. By improving team bonding among the employees, the company hopes to create a strong and engaged workforce that can handle challenges better and work together towards shared goals.

Enchanting Marbella: Retreat in Paradise

The team was looking for a place with nice nature and a warm climate, preferably in Europe. Midstay suggested the ideal place in Marbella, located on Spain’s Costa del Sol. Marbella is a resort town well known for its beautiful beaches, its rich history, and liveliness. The picturesque old town, which is well-known for its narrow, winding streets, and charming plazas, gives you a taste of the traditional Andalusian culture. At the same time, the upscale marinas and the exclusive beach clubs provide modern luxury and relaxation.

Marbella, Spain, perfect destination for team retreat in Europe, planned by Midstay

Picking Marbella has been the best decision for the team since it has given them the chance to experience the cultural charm and modern allure of the place. The scenic beauty and the warm climate created a perfect place for both work and leisure, thus, it was easy for the team members to relax and socialize with each other naturally.

Marbella, Spain, perfect destination for team retreat in Europe, planned by Midstay

The ideal team retreat venue: A classic Andalusian villa in El Madroñal.

For TLDV’s team retreat, Midstay suggested an Andalusian villa part of our network of partners, located in the exclusive area of El Madroñal. This villa is a perfect example of the right property in the right location. The residence with its imposing colonial-Andalusian style is a peaceful and private haven. The villa, which is surrounded by mature trees, is well-decorated with great care and precision, offering a cozy and homely atmosphere. The breathtaking sea views made the villa even more charming, and they provided a relaxing and peaceful environment that was perfect for both relaxation and team-building activities.

To guarantee a superb team retreat experience, Midstay offered a wide variety of European food. Each meal was a work of art, tailored to meet the needs and tastes of different people. The focus on good food enhanced the experience of the retreat and the mealtimes became one of the highlights of the days.

Tailored team retreat experience

Midstay provided a 24/7 onsite concierge during the retreat days. Our concierge was always there to help with any requests, ensuring that everything was going smoothly and that the team’s needs were met in a timely and efficient manner.

Besides, Midstay took care of all the travel arrangements, such as flights and transportation. This all-inclusive service consisted of organizing flights from different places in Europe, New Zealand, and Brazil, and comfortable transport to and from the villa. Through the meticulous management of these details, say bye-bye to the travel stresses, so your team members can concentrate fully on the retreat experience.

Work x team bonding

The itinerary included a balanced mix of work and leisure activities. The team began each day with a group breakfast, followed by productive work sessions focusing on their internal team projects. These sessions were padded with plenty of free time, which enabled team members to relax and recharge. The bonding activities like the Olympic Beach Games, cultural visits, and team-building sessions were meant to strengthen their interpersonal relationships and enhance team collaboration.

TLDV team having team building activities on a beach in Marbella, Spain, during their team retreat , planned by Midstay

Evenings were the time for group dinners at both the villa and the local restaurants, which gave the team the chance to interact informally and relax. Special occasions, for instance, a welcome BBQ, board games night, karaoke, and a gala dinner, added a component of fun and entertainment, thereby melting the vibe and strengthening the team connection.

TLDV team having lunch in Marbella, Spain downtown during their team retreat planned by Midstay

Through the mix of work, fun, and engaging team-building activities, the retreat gave a lot of advantages to them. The team members established closer personal connections, which in turn, resulted in better cooperation and a more supportive work environment. The laid-back atmosphere and the diverse team-building activities contributed to improved communication, and lasting memories, all of which led to a team that became more resilient and able to tackle future challenges together.

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