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Decube leads the charge in transforming how businesses manage data. Our pioneering platform revolutionizes data interaction, offering intuitive solutions for observability, discovery, and governance. They are dedicated to global innovation, guiding businesses through their data journeys, one stack at a time.

19 people
3 nights

A group running from the ocean onto a sandy beach in Phuket, smiling and enjoying their team-building with Midstay activities.

It was the company’s first time with Midstay. Their goal was to revolutionize the way their employees interact with each other, fostering camaraderie while also celebrating recent fundraising achievements.

The retreat wasn’t solely about fun; it was an opportunity for their team to bond and recharge, fueling their passion for driving innovation in the data landscape. Additionally, it provided them with the chance to reflect and celebrate.

Crafting Unique Retreat Experiences with Midstay

At Midstay, we’re passionate about crafting retreat experiences that are as unique and personalized as your team. That’s why we’re dedicated to offering tailored retreat packages that provide ample flexibility to meet your specific needs and goals.

If you’re planning a work-focused event or a leisurely vacation, we tailor every retreat to precisely suit your needs. We recognize that every team is different, we provide adaptable solutions to meet changing needs. Our commitment is to deliver an outstanding retreat experience, tailored to your team’s desires, which may include last-minute changes to the schedule, fresh activities, or unique demands.

Phuket: The Ultimate Retreat Paradise

Hidden in the Andaman Sea, Phuket is the largest island in Thailand and a popular holiday destination that perfectly blends exploration with leisure. This island’s sparkling waves, lush flora, and spotless beaches provide all visitors with an unforgettable moment. Phuket promises an amazing experience full of stunning views, sounds, and flavors, from peaceful sunsets and water sports to bustling markets and mouthwatering street food.

Drone view of Phuket

With so many activities catered to the wide range of interests in our group, Phuket turned out to be the ideal location for the Decube team retreat. The city offers beaches for relaxation and building team dynamics, exhilarating sports for thrill-seekers like hiking and snorkeling, and cultural excursions like touring temples and shopping in regional markets.

Exquisite resorts with first-rate amenities offered the perfect environment for business and leisure, enabling the Decube team to work together efficiently while soaking in the breathtaking scenery. Team-building exercises on the beach and brainstorming meetings by the pool were just two of the amenities Phuket provided for a memorable and successful team retreat. Phuket unquestionably provided the perfect setting for the Decube team to refuel, reunite, and rekindle their shared enthusiasm for creativity.

Prime Location and Exceptional Service: Patong Beach Experience

We suggested one of our venue partners, Courtyard Marriott, for Decube team retreat.

Situated next to Phuket’s greatest beach, Patong Beach, where guests may enjoy swimming, parasailing, and sunbathing. Bangla Road is nearby and serves as the heart of Patong’s vibrant entertainment sector, home to a plethora of buzzing pubs and nightclubs. There are several fresh fish meals available in local restaurants.

Furthermore, Midstay made sure the team was properly taken care of and enjoyed a fantastic stay by offering photographers on-site and concierge services.

We worked hard to deliver the finest that the location had to offer, from excellent hotels and restaurants to top-notch culinary and event planning services. We were their go-to source for local knowledge. To help them remember every special moment of their retreat, we also provided free photography services.

We prioritized finding Decube a hotel that suited their needs—namely, being near the sea—while also staying within their budget. We are happy to report that we found the ideal accommodation, only a 5-minute stroll from the shore, to ensure they had the greatest experience possible.

A Perfect Blend of Relaxation, Team Building, and Celebration

On the first day, the team wanted time to relax and get to know each other better. They participated in an activity facilitated by an expert, allowing them to bond and work together. Later, they had free time to relax and unwind. In the evening, we arranged a group dinner with an ocean view, providing a beautiful setting for further connection and relaxation.

The second day was dedicated to a boat trip. This eight-hour journey took them from Phang Nga Bay to Racha Yai Island. The trip wasn’t just about traveling; they enjoyed drinks and snacks, and had access to various instruments and water toys. Activities like kayaking, using a floating Jacuzzi, and stand-up paddleboarding kept everyone engaged and entertained.

A man who makes a splash in the water

On the third day, the team started with some work before diving into the main event: the Outdoor Olympics. Teamwork, rivalry, and friendship were all encouraged through this bonding exercise, which combined mental and physical obstacles. The Outdoor Olympics aim to promote competitive spirit and teamwork via a number of entertaining team sports activities. Along the process, they hope to improve their collaboration and competitive edge by winning as many first-place titles as they can. The winners will display their gold medals with pride!

The day was filled with high-energy competition, skill development, and plenty of laughter. In the evening, they enjoyed a surprise gala with an award ceremony and live music, celebrating their achievements and the time spent together.

Overall, the retreat provided the Decube team with a perfect balance of relaxation, work, and team-building activities, set against the stunning backdrop of Phuket. This experience not only allowed them to recharge and reconnect but also to commemorate their funding triumphs and reignite their passion for innovation.

Decube’s retreat in Phuket, orchestrated by Midstay, was a perfect blend of relaxation, adventure, and team-building. The three-day getaway featured engaging activities like a facilitated bonding session, an eight-hour boat trip, and the high-energy Outdoor Olympics. Set against the stunning backdrop of Patong Beach, the retreat provided Decube’s team with the opportunity to recharge, celebrate their achievements, and strengthen their team bonding. This memorable experience reinforced Decube’s commitment to innovation and teamwork, setting the stage for future success.

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