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In today’s dynamic work landscape, a significant shift is occurring. A great number of people are now trading their work desks for the comfort of their homes. Therefore becoming remote workers, creating a remote work office space at home, and having more flexibility.

Others even tend to embrace the increasingly popular digital nomad lifestyle. That involves traveling the world, discovering new places, new people, and new cultures while working at the same time, and remaining professionally active.

As this trend continues to grow, the demand for tools that enhance the remote work experience is on the rise. Among those tools, digital initiatives such as Nomad List and Midstay are two great allies facilitating the digital nomad lifestyle.

If both platforms assist remote workers on their global journeys. Each of them takes unique approaches that meet the diverse needs of the growing remote worker community.

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What is Nomad List?

Founded in 2014 by the entrepreneur and digital nomad Pieter Levels, Nomad List functions as a collective database. This platform consolidates vital information about numerous cities, while also fostering a community of digital nomads. The goal is to aid these nomads in choosing travel destinations and facilitating connections with fellow travelers.

Nomad List helps with the pre-travel phase or for those looking for their next work or nomad destinations.

screenshot of the Nomad List website homepage

It helps remote workers to find the best places in the world to live, work, and travel. What sets Nomad List apart is its ability to provide a huge quantity of information about a specific location. . It includes useful details about specific cities. For example, how to get a work permit, the value of a tax residency, and information on the safety and the friendliness of a location.

Nomad List’s features

Nomad List offers several features such as:

  • Weather forecast : Nomad List provides accurate information on the climate of the country you are traveling to. It lets you know when it is the best moment of the year to visit.
  • Meetups: The platform allows you to connect with other digital nomads. It allows users to set up meetings to connect with fellow travelers. 
  • Cities growth: Nomad List references the cities that are the most popular among the digital nomad community by using member’s data. 
  • Where to live: Users can rank the best places to live and work in real-time based on cost of living, people, culture, and more.
  • Chat: To allow its users to connect with each other, Nomad List has integrated Discord and Slack, two well-known chat apps. 
  • Internet speed check: Last but not least, the platform allows you to check the average Internet speed in different cities around the world.
screenshot of Nomad List features

Thanks to these features, Nomad List shouldn’t be considered only as a  facts and figures platform. With all the details that it shares with its users, the platform transforms your remote work trip into an adventure. Whether you’re a culture enthusiast, a foodie, or an explorer, Nomad List helps you plan a digital nomad experience that matches your interests and expectations.

Introducing Midstay

Freshly arrived in the nomad/remote working ecosystem, discover Midstay!

Founded by two remote workers, Florian Jacques and Magnus Remøe, Midstay was designed for a more specific use than Nomad List. 

The remote work lifestyle may be considered a very cool way to work while living a life full of travels and discoveries. But, it also implies some moments that people don’t really talk about, probably for fear of undermining the rather idyllic image of their lifestyle. Because being a digital nomad or working for a remote-first company also implies isolation, feeling very alone, with no landmarks, no ties, and no friends to talk to in real life.

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With the aim to compensate for such social needs, Midstay defines itself as a social network for remote workers. Midstay invite them to meet new people around them, in the same area, and to then foster interactions in real life. Based on its users’ data, Midstay leverages members’ profiles to help them find other profiles with similar interests.

So, how does Midstay work exactly?

Using Midstay is very simple!

First, create an account and enter your basic information to create your profile. Don’t forget that the more information you provide about your interests, the more relevant the recommended profiles will be. You can even connect your LinkedIn account!

As Midstay is specifically designed for digital nomad and remote workers, you will need to share information about your current location, where you’ve been, and where you’re going to. It will allow you to find fellow Midstay users in your current or future locations.

Your profile is now created, congratulations, and welcome to Midstay! You are now able to find new friends in the same area, connect with them, meet like-minded people, organise networking events.

By allowing  you to connect with other remote workers nearby , Midstay ensures its users that they never have to face the challenges of remote work loneliness. Whether you’re into hiking, coding marathons, or coffee shop brainstorming sessions, Midstay connects you with those who get it.

Midstay’s features

Midstay offers a variety of features to its users with the main focus on improving their digital nomad and remote journeys by allowing to connect with each other, meet up, and share time in real life.

Screenshot of Midstay features
  • Community: Midstay provides its users with a specific space powered by the community where they share advices, productivity hacks, tips, and daily news. It’s a space dedicated to information sharing, where knowledge flows freely, connecting people with valuable details and experiences. Beyond just connections, Midstay acts as a virtual space for sharing experiences, pieces of advice, and insights. It’s like having a 24/7 support group that celebrates your wins, empathizes with your challenges, and guides you through remote work life. Midstay is not just a platform; it’s a community. Midstay enhances the social experience and ensures that you never feel alone while working from home office.
  • Matches: Midstay is all about fostering relevant connections with profiles having similar interests. The platform therefore allows you to discover the profiles located in the same area sharing interests and experiences that match with yours to make meaningful connections.
  • Share plans: This feature enables users to share their plans or activities with others, and also allows them to join plans created by other users. It’s like a social or collaborative calendar that emphasizes community engagement and interaction around shared interests or activities.
  • Messaging: Instant messaging to stay connected. This system is directly integrated into the platform for a seamless communication experience designed to connect you with new people in a friendly and engaging way. Send a « Wave » to break the ice and start communicating with your new buddies.
  • Meet-up: Take your online connections to the next level. With its meet-up function, Midstay allows users to plan, schedule, and attend real-life gatherings.
  • Stays: On Midstay, you will be invited to add your current and future locations to  see all the people who are staying in the same area, making your journey more sociable and exciting. You’ve not even arrived somewhere that you already have friends. Isn’t that cool?
  • People Nearby: Thanks to this localization feature, the platform allows you to discover people nearby during your stay or arriving soon near you.

Midstay, the ultimate tool for socializing with remote workers

Comparaison table Nomad List & Midstay

While Nomad List is great for planning trips, serves as an excellent tool for travel preparation and offers a ton of information to plan an adventure, Midstay works quite differently.

Indeed, rather than helping you to choose your next remote-work location, Midstay focuses on the immediate need for social connections. Midstay stands as a practical solution for people willing to connect with others as soon as they arrive somewhere new.

As the remote work landscape evolves, these tools both contribute to making remote workers’ journeys more informed and connected and therefore more pleasant.

In conclusion, the choice between Nomad List and Midstay ultimately depends on the specific needs of remote workers. But who said you had to choose between one or another? When looking back on the advantages they both provide, Nomad List and Midstay might appear to be rather complementary tools for an unforgettable digital nomad and remote work experience.

Don’t hesitate any longer! Embark on a journey toward a more connected and satisfying remote work adventure. Experience the Midstay platform for free today and uncover a community of remote workers eager to exchange insights and foster connections. Come aboard, and let’s enhance the remote work landscape together!

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