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A company’s success frequently relies on the unity and synergy within its team. Team retreats, especially for remote companies, have evolved into a strategic approach to foster collaboration, enhance team dynamics, and accomplish company goals. However, choosing the perfect destination for a team retreat requires thoughtful consideration. In this guide, let’s explore the essential factors for choosing the right destination.

Strategies for Successful Team Retreat Planning

1. Early Planning

Embarking on a successful team retreat demands meticulous early planning as the foundation of the entire process. Initiate this important phase well in advance, providing ample time for thorough research, negotiations, and securing availability at the chosen location. This proactive approach serves to minimize stress, offering a significant boost to the likelihood of securing your dream venue. It’s about laying the groundwork with thoughtful consideration and foresight, ensuring a stress-free and successful team retreat right from the outset.

Midstay’s recommendation: Start planning at least 6-12 months in advance to secure the ideal venue and allow sufficient time for comprehensive preparations

2. Employee Input

Recognizing the invaluable contribution of your team members’ input is paramount in the planning process. Actively solicit their preferences and expectations for the retreat destination. This not only fosters a sense of inclusion but also guarantees that the chosen location resonates with the entire team, creating a shared vision and enthusiasm for the upcoming retreat. The collaborative decision-making process strengthens the team’s connection to the company event, enhancing overall engagement and satisfaction.

Midstay’s recommendation: Gather employee input by running a survey on the first day of return to the office, and use the eNPS score to best understand your employees’ feedback.

Aside from the strategies, here are several factors you should consider when choosing a team retreat destination.

8 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Team Retreat Destination

1. Business Objective

Starting the journey to a successful team retreat requires getting to know your team’s unique needs and aspirations. When the retreat destination effortlessly aligns with your company’s goals, it goes beyond mere place. It transforms the entire experience into a valuable contributor to your business strategy. As decision-makers, it’s important to consider how the chosen destination syncs with and strengthens your company’s overarching goals, whether it’s sparking creativity, enhancing communication, or laying the groundwork for future strategies.

Midstay’s recommendation: Conduct a team workshop at least 4 months before planning to align business objectives with the retreat destination, maximizing impact.

2. Team Dynamics

At the heart of a thriving team retreat, lies the essence of improving team dynamics and nurturing collaboration. Seek destinations that blend team-building activities, picturesque landscapes, and spaces encouraging open communication. However, your diverse teams may come with a spectrum of interests. Invest your time in understanding their individual preferences, are they nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts, or culture aficionados? Maybe it’s a mix of all!

Midstay’s recommendation: Engage in casual conversations with your team or gather a questionnaire, and use this information to choose a destination that resonates with everyone.

3. Budget Considerations

Ensuring a successful retreat starts with laying the groundwork for a practical budget. Establish a thorough budget covering every facet—accommodation, activities, meals, transportation, and additional expenses. Stay grounded in financial constraints while ensuring the budget paves the way for a delightful and comfortable experience. This step steers you toward destination options matching your financial parameters, setting the stage for a well-balanced retreat.

Midstay’s recommendation: Try out Midstay’s retreat estimator for free to estimate your budget and get a detailed plan.

4. Accessibility

When choosing a destination, it’s important to take into account the accessibility for all team members. This involves evaluating travel times, available transportation options, and any potential visa requirements. Opting for a destination that minimizes travel-related stress and provides convenient transportation options is instrumental in creating a positive overall experience. After all, a seamless and hassle-free journey sets the stage for a retreat where team members can focus on the objectives and enjoy the experience without unnecessary logistical concerns.

5. Seasonal Considerations

Explore the subtle climate nuances of prospective destinations, carefully choosing a season that aligns with your retreat objectives. Understanding seasonal variations is key to comprehensive planning, guaranteeing optimal conditions for your scheduled itinerary. This process goes beyond weather considerations; it’s about crafting an experience where the climate becomes an ally, seamlessly elevating the essence of your team retreat. By aligning the season with your goals, you create an environment that enhances both productivity and the overall enjoyment of the retreat activities.

6. Cultural Fit

Immerse yourself in the culture of potential destinations, making sure it harmonizes seamlessly with your team’s passions. Consider engaging in activities such as local tours, visits to historical landmarks, or participation in cultural events. Choosing a destination with a robust cultural fit holds the transformative power to craft a distinctive and enriching experience for your team, immersing them in an environment that resonates with their cultural curiosities. This approach not only adds depth to the retreat but also fosters a sense of connection and appreciation for the unique cultural aspects of the chosen location.

Midstay’s recommendation: Conduct pre-trip team-building sessions focusing on the cultural nuances of the chosen destination. This ensures your team arrives well-prepared, enhancing their appreciation for the unique cultural aspects.

7. Team Building Opportunities

Explore the array of team-building activities and experiences each destination offers. Seek opportunities aligning seamlessly with your company retreat goals—adventurous challenges, immersive workshops, or collaborative projects. Many destinations present specialized team-building programs designed to elevate communication, trust, and collaboration among team members.

Midstay’s recommendation: Conduct virtual team-building assessments before the retreat to tailor on-site activities effectively. This ensures a more personalized and impactful team-building experience.

8. Logistical Planning

Creating a flawless retreat experience requires careful attention to logistical details. Dive into transportation intricacies, from getting to the destination to local commuting, including airport transfers. Develop a well-thought-out itinerary striking a perfect balance between scheduled activities and cherished free time. On-site coordination becomes important for a smooth, stress-free experience, ensuring every facet unfolds seamlessly.

Midstay’s recommendation: Use project management tools (e.g. Notion, Trello, Asana) for seamless coordination and communication during the planning phase. Utilize shared calendars and collaborative platforms to enhance logistical planning efficiency.

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Choosing Midstay ensures your team retreat is not just a getaway but a strategic investment in your company’s success.


It’s important to understand that the destination you choose for your team retreat isn’t merely a location; it’s a pivotal element that can shape the future of your company. By immersing yourself in the specific needs of your team, factoring in key considerations, and drawing upon Midstay’s expertise, you’re not just organizing an ordinary retreat – you’re orchestrating a transformative experience.

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