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Have you ever looked back on the last five years and wondered,

“What have I actually done?”

You might have experienced a FOMO (fear of missing out).

Seeing your peers get promoted a year or two earlier, save deposits for their houses, and purchase their fancy cars.

You feel left behind, useless, and less successful.brock bowers jersey fsu football jersey Iowa State Football Uniforms bouncing putty egg yeezy boost 350 v2 hyperspace johnny manziel jersey deuce vaughn jersey blundstone uomo air jordan 1 low flyease two people fishing kayak durex intense vibrations ring custom youth nfl jersey sac eastpak College Football Jerseys stetson straw cowboy hats

digital nomad lifestyle

Prepare to reset your success radar. 

You’ll never stop being amazed by the opportunities that present themselves to you.

All that’s left to do is grab the right one and take off.

Create a new life for yourself.

A new generation of people is challenging the status quo.

They’re the people who are more concerned about which time zone they’re in rather than the time of a meeting.

They’re called digital nomads.

What is a digital nomad?

A digital nomad is a person who is not limited by the workplace, dress code, or politics.

They can work from anywhere as long as they have internet access.

No fixed hours, no meeting rooms.

No need to call in sick to skip work because you want to go surfing, knowing that you’ll make up for it by working all night the next day.

Living as a digital nomad sounds exciting, and it actually is, for the most part.

digital nomad lifestyle

However, in order to experience the thrilling part, you must first step out of your comfort zone, where everything is known, solutions are given, and paths are laid out for you.

What does stepping out of your comfort zone mean? 

If you’re interested in pursuing a digital nomad lifestyle or a new way of life in general, keep scrolling.

Creating your new normal 

Breaking out of your comfort zone isn’t so much about physically fleeing, but about expanding it to the point when things that were once terrifying become your new normal.

Stretching your muscles is a good analogy.

Your muscles are incredibly rigid in their untrained, relaxed state, but when you start extending them, they can go so much further!

For example, when you’re eighteen, leaving your parents’ house might seem like a huge move, but within a few months, it’s become your new normal, and you almost can’t imagine living any other way or even thinking about going back.

digital nomad lifestyle

The same for this digital nomad lifestyle.

The tiny or large adjustments become your new normal.

You won’t experience the same level of anxiety if you’ve already made those adjustments and dealt with your worries.

So, start stretching those comfort muscles and create your new normal that allows you to do the things you never believed possible!

Enjoy and appreciate the process

It can be extremely frightening to learn and try new things or just dive in headfirst unprepared for something new.

Usually too preoccupied with reaching your goal or getting there to appreciate the process.

But after a few times, you’ll realize that the process itself is much more enjoyable when you make the conscious decision to appreciate everything that comes your way.

Treat both expected and unexpected events in the same way:

“Thankful for any new experiences or lessons you can draw from them and use them as part of your journey to expand your own comfort zones.”

Digital Nomad lifestyle

Standing on your own feet

You will see that stepping out of your comfort zone is an addictive process.

Once you reach your goal, you’ll start looking for the next experiment.

You find yourself on your feet and in a new comfort zone without even realizing it.

You should make the most of the strength and energy that come with this lifestyle to take risks, try new things, enrich your journey and your life, and make the world a better place.

digital nomad lifestyle

Define your true freedom

The Mercedes you have parked outside but use to commute to work doesn’t define freedom.

Imagine not having to commute to work.

Sounds dreamy?

Now, imagine living on a warm tropical island for six months, working on a beach while having healthy smoothies and salads for breakfast every day.

Imagine making meaningful connections with like-minded people, exchanging knowledge, topics, and even projects.

Imagine being treated with warm hospitality, integrating with the rich local culture at the place you stay at.

That’s what you call true freedom.

digital nomad lifestyle

Save more money, buy more freedom

The digital nomad lifestyle offers many financial benefits, including the ability to save more money.

You don’t have to commute to work every day, which can save money on transportation costs such as gas, public transit fares, or car maintenance.

You can save money on rent by choosing to live in lower-cost areas or by opting to travel and live in mid-term rentals or shared accommodation.


For your next trip, find your roommates or join a home with Midstay’s homepooling feature.

As a result, you may have more disposable income available to put towards travel and other leisure activities.

Hence, the digital nomad lifestyle is a great option for those looking to save money and have more freedom to travel and experience new cultures.


Will you make the move?

It’s scary to try something new. Who knows what the future holds?

Will you be able to sustain yourself financially?

Will things in your life improve?

It’s impossible to say, but you must not stop yourself from living the life you dream of.

Too hesitant to start? Say no more!

Thanks to Midstay, you can meet over 1000+ experienced remote workers and digital nomads who will be happy to share their pro tips with you to get started.

People chatting while working remotely with laptops

Midstay provides all you need to set your life abroad.

Connect with other like-minded people, fulfill your lifestyle and stay productive while abroad.

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