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A newfound flexibility

The world is undergoing a revolution in how we work and where we work from. The rigid working boundaries are outdated and due for a shake-up: there’s a desire for newfound working flexibility.

Employees report preferring a more flexible working model in the future as we see individual purpose come to the fore. People are now saying: “My work has to be more than a job. It has to fit in with my life’s purpose.”

The adoption of remote work has accelerated faster than many would have imagined.

Midstay is on a mission to Make Work a Better Place.

“We are built around the idea that everyone should be able to live and work from anywhere. We believe in the transformative power of travel and so we are paving the way for a future where anyone can work abroad, remotely: combining efficient work and a better quality of life.”

Florian JacquesCo-founder and CEO of Midstay

Our organization is diverse, global, and distributed.

Like many, we have developed a desire for … We are a remote-first company …

Our management team is made of travelers and remote workers, people who often live, work and play outside of their home country. Hence, we are also proud to have great talents from Indonesia.


Team members




Our team is comprised of genuinely gifted minds

CEO, Co-Founder

Florian Jacques

📍 Belgium / Bali

Passionate about all types of Communication, Art & Technology.
People define me as a proactive person who loves new challenges and dynamic projects.

Traveling the world to work with startup founders, helped them reach their business goals with innovative user experience and visuals.
San Francisco, New York, Australia, Barcelona, SEA... are some of the places where I have worked closely with Executives to help them design their product, Run Design Sprints, Design Thinking, Define Art direction, Product strategy, Marketing strategy, User interface, User experience, Global communication, and Digital Marketing, ...

Aside from my tech background, I've been the main director of a music festival with 20k+ festival-goers.

Chief Marketing Officer

Chris Jadoul

📍 Belgium / Bali

My friends often describe me as an enthusiastic “bon vivant”.
Life exists to savor it, every moment: be silly, have fun and live the dream, don’t dream it.

Here’s how I like it: living close to the ocean, going surfing at sunrise before heading to my amazing workspace with tropical surroundings and natural lights … and of course finishing the day with friends and a good beer at sunset.

Annida UX designer
UX/UI Designer intern

Annida Farodisa

📍 Indonesia

I've always been fascinated by technology and how people interact with it. I began my product design journey in late 2021 while also studying Computer Engineering in college. As a product designer, my goal is to create a product that provides the best user experience while also solving business problems. Every challenge is an opportunity for me to grow, and I believe in giving my best in everything I do. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, listening to podcasts, and playing puzzle games
Chakras Andika Kuntjoro team member Midstay
Junior Software Engineer

Chakras Andika Kuntjoro

📍 Indonesia

I’m a self-taught, fully remote developer from Jakarta, Indonesia. At first, I was thinking that it was impossible to get a job as a self-taught programmer since I don’t have the degree and I also don’t have references or a job background to back me up. But, I believe that “if you do what you do because you love it, then sooner or later, someone will give you an opportunity”. Fast forward to today, here I am, doing something that I love and am passionate about.

I love to travel, and I love to take photographs, so it is only natural that I will love taking photographs while traveling. In my free time, I like reading and cooking.

CTO, Co-Founder

Magnus Remøe

📍 Norway / Bali

Always being more on the alternative side of things, I like to explore originality in any area of life.
Be it lifestyle, art, philosophy or other. I love building cool things, and tackling big challenges.

When I’m not building Midstay, you can find me in the water surfing, playing futsal or exploring the inner workings of my mind.

Office Manager & Customer Support

Lisa Aprilia

📍 Bali

My friends describe me as reliable, hard working, a great listener and easy going.
When it comes to work I put an effort in anything I do professionally to achieve company's goals.
I also have a desire to stay healthy physically and mentally by working out regularly at the gym.
Suleyman developer intern
Software developer intern

Suleyman Musayev

📍 Turkmenistan

Self-taught developer in Ruby and RoR
Executive Assistant

Rhino Ardiawan

📍 Bali

People define me as a top-notch listener and executor. Working across Indonesia since 2010 drove me to understand ways to manage the workload effectively and efficiently.

Enthusiast with anything related to speed, it stimulates my brain to keep thinking fast.

Enjoy being all-around, but music & automotive are my main amusement.

Aya Rheffouli ux research intern
UX Research intern

Aya Rheffouli

📍 France / Marocco

Aya Rheffouli, a digital product designer + futurist specialized in crafting experiences with *design thinking*, *brand systems*, *user experience*, *storytelling*, *interactivity*, *visual design* & *graphic design.* **Incoming Product Design Apprentice @ Sephora.**

I'm the gal who makes people buy your stuff.
I conceptualize captivating experiences and I live and breathe for the Web and interfaces in general. I continuously create and explore new ways of conveying my ideas and challenging my understanding of design.
And I don’t do boring.

To quench my hunger for digital knowledge, I kickstarted my design journey in 2020 and haven't looked back since.
I’m curious, passionate, and strive for continuous evolution, clarity, simplicity & logic. I’ve made creativity my lifestyle and have been fascinated with all aspects of design.
As a digital native, I love diving into why and how people use things, and furthering those experiences to make them memorable. I aim to nurture a strong expertise and deliver top notch digital products using cutting edge tech.
My work is driven by my passion for digital platforms and my curiosity to push boundaries, ask questions, and discuss thought-provoking ideas. I am motivated most by the opportunities and influence of design. Achieving a sense of new or different, whilst communicating and connecting intimately with people (stakeholders or peers).
Each project is regarded as an independent exploration of form, function and storytelling always relevant to its target audience and final medium. For this reason, strategy, research, as well as content ideation precede any aesthetic implementation.
I envision design as a way to methodically utilize creativity, a trait unique to humanity, to define & rethink what is possible. I hope to spend my career solving the pressing challenges our society endures, envisioning solutions with timeless impact.

Junior Software Engineer

Mochammad Riyadh Ilham

📍 Indonesia

Although I graduated as an administrator, I am interested in computer programming, I like to learn new things. other people call me a lazy person who has big dreams... I guess it's somehow positive!

I love playing PlayStation, listening to music, and learning programming through Youtube.

Mid-Level Software Engineer

Muhamad Heriyana

📍 Indonesia

Someone who love with the tech from the child, but wasn’t programming but the games that makes wondering how it was built but then after knew better playing it instead create games, but then it makes me learn about the programming and then became web developer.

Full time learner both professionally and parenting. Love to learn something new and don’t miss out the time also with the children

Meet Silicon Bali, our villa-as-an-office

Where our team works next to the pool, with a fresh coconut. But not only… It’s also where intensive work is done and objectives are reached. We are disrupting the way a startup is having an office, we welcome our premium members to work next to us when they are in Bali.


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