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Elevating Team Dynamics in the Modern Workplace

In a dynamic landscape of evolving work structures, Midstay emerges as a catalyst for transforming team dynamics.

The traditional confines of the workplace are giving way to a need for flexible and impactful team experiences.

People in a yacht trip during Midstay Team retreat in Phuket
Co-founder and CEO: Florian Jacques smiling

Midstay is on a mission to craft unforgettable team retreats

At Midstay, we’re focused on meeting the demands of the modern workforce. Our mission is to curate team retreats that go beyond the ordinary, fostering strong bonds, boosting productivity, and enhancing collaboration. We understand the importance of aligning team goals with individual purposes, creating a shared vision for success.

We champion team collaboration as a catalyst for transformation, advocating for flexible work practices that enhance teamwork, work-life balance, and social connections beyond the boardroom.

Florian JacquesCo-founder and CEO of Midstay


Designing Tailored Retreats for Corporate Growth

Midstay is not just a facilitator; we are architects of transformative team experiences designed for corporate growth.

As a company focused on team retreats, we understand the value of forging connections and fostering collaboration in an immersive setting.


Experts in Crafting Unparalleled Team Experiences

Our global team is composed of individuals who specialize in designing and executing memorable team retreats.

With diverse talents and experiences, we bring a unique perspective to each corporate journey, ensuring a customized approach to meet specific business goals.


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See How it All Started

Since then Midstay has pivoted fully to B2B – offering a marketplace for Team Retreats

Our team is comprised of genuinely gifted minds

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CEO, Co-Founder

Florian Jacques

📍 Belgium / Bali

Passionate about all types of Communication, Art & Technology.
People define me as a proactive person who loves new challenges and dynamic projects.

Traveling the world to work with startup founders, helped them reach their business goals with innovative user experience and visuals.
San Francisco, New York, Australia, Barcelona, SEA... are some of the places where I have worked closely with Executives to help them design their product, Run Design Sprints, Design Thinking, Define Art direction, Product strategy, Marketing strategy, User interface, User experience, Global communication, and Digital Marketing, ...

Aside from my tech background, I've been the main director of a music festival with 20k+ festival-goers.

Katya Midstay team member headshot
Marketing intern

Katya Koval

📍 Alicante

As a second-year student at City Journalism, I have garnered valuable insights from the world of broadcast journalism, including video and radio. My experience includes producing a compelling product for the Online and Social Media module, as well as crafting a match report and article for sports journalism. Recently, I completed the Data Journalism and Feature Writing module.
Guy Looking at the camera for a company headshot
Tech Lead

Putu Genin Gaura

📍 Bali

I started my career by serving for 3 years being a software developer from 2012 in Weekend Inc. And 5 years in Printerous, with almost 2 years of it being an Engineering Team Lead, and 3 months as Associate Product Manager.

I served as IoT Solution Head which also function as product manager in PT IoT Kreasi Indonesia for 1.5 year. And now going back as a web developer, I’m hoping that I could integrate the experience and knowledge I have from previous roles for this journey

Paola headshot for marketing intern position Midstay
Marketing Intern

Paola Huaroc

📍 Peru

I am a dynamic bilingual person with great communication skills, adaptability, and hardworking with the capacity to go beyond what is expected to achieve higher career goals in a fast-paced and demanding environment.
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CTO, Co-Founder

Magnus Remøe

📍 Norway / Bali

Always being more on the alternative side of things, I like to explore originality in any area of life.
Be it lifestyle, art, philosophy or other. I love building cool things, and tackling big challenges.

When I’m not building Midstay, you can find me in the water surfing, playing futsal or exploring the inner workings of my mind.

Girl smiling at the camera for a profile picture for Midstay
Customer Support

Tifany Beby

📍 Bali

Despite graduated as Veterinarian, I have various working experiences: retail funding relationship manager (Sales) in the banking industry, Radio Broadcaster, Emcee and Voice Over Talent. I love to communicate and interact with people.
An ESFJ-A who loves to travel.
Girl doing company headshot
Marketing intern

Firdawss Mokhtari

📍 Belgium

When I'm not immersed in marketing activities, you'll likely find me engrossed in a book, binge-watching series, or dedicating time to learning new things, whether it's exploring marketing tools or picking up new languages.
smiling guy in front of a profile picture
Executive Assistant

Rhino Ardiawan

📍 Bali

People define me as a top-notch listener and executor. Working across Indonesia since 2010 drove me to understand ways to manage the workload effectively and efficiently.

Enthusiast with anything related to speed, it stimulates my brain to keep thinking fast.

Enjoy being all-around, but music & automotive are my main amusement.

guy smiling to make a profile company picture
Junior Software Engineer

Chakras Andika

📍 Jakarta

I’m a self-taught, fully remote developer from Jakarta, Indonesia. At first, I was thinking that it was impossible to get a job as a self-taught programmer since I don’t have the degree and I also don’t have references or a job background to back me up. But, I believe that “if you do what you do because you love it, then sooner or later, someone will give you an opportunity”. Fast forward to today, here I am, doing something that I love and am passionate about.

I love to travel, and I love to take photographs, so it is only natural that I will love taking photographs while traveling. In my free time, I like reading and cooking.

posing guy for a company headshot
Growth Marketing

Fabien Fauré

📍 Bangkok

30 years old Frenchmen expatriated in Bangkok.
I work for a VC fund as well as a consultant in growth marketing.
On the private side i am mostly a stay at home person, oh and loves casual rock climbing, seriously you should try it its really fun !
Standing for a profile picture at Midstay
Junior Software Engineer

Mochammad Ilham

📍 Bandung

Although I graduated as an administrator, I am interested in computer programming, I like to learn new things. other people call me a lazy person who has big dreams... I guess it's somehow positive!

I love playing PlayStation, listening to music, and learning programming through Youtube.

headshot for Midstay company
Product Manager

Daniel Ribeiro

📍 Austria

Passionate Senior Product Manager with a decade of experience managing my own businesses and 7 years of experience working remotely for fast-paced international startups in different management positions, including Head of Support, Customer Success Manager, and Head of Product.

My passion lies in:
• Building technology that helps people live a better life.
• Creating trust, leading with empathy, and working with passionate people.
• Fostering authentic relationships and having fun while doing great work.

Girl smiling at the camera for a profile picture for Midstay
Project Manager

Nadia Masruroh

📍 Bali

Starting my career at a surfing and travelling development company has ignited my passion for organizing people and traveling. From coordinating events to exploring new destinations, I thrive on bringing people together and creating unforgettable experiences. Whether it's planning travel acitivity, coordinating travel logistics, or leading group excursions, I find joy in every aspect of my work. My role allows me to blend my love for adventure with my organizational skills, ensuring smooth and memorable journeys for all involved. Each trip is an opportunity to connect with others, share my enthusiasm for travelling, and explore the beauty of diverse cultures and landscapes. As I continue on this path, I am eager to further develop my expertise in travel industry and contribute to the growth and enjoyment of this vibrant industry.

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